Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hire to your Weaknesses


Most of the time we think that we started this business and I can do everything.  If I can not do everything how will my business survive?

Think about it.  If you do everything and do not want to get help what time do you have to satisfy you Client(s).  What time do you have to Network to get New Client(s)?

What are my weaknesses? You should look at your business and accept you can not do everything.  You do not have talent in everything to run your business.

Why do you hire someone to build your website?
Why do you hire someone to print your business cards?
Why do you hire someone to create your Logo?
Why do you hire someone to take pictures?

These are just a few reasons of why you hire someone to do tasks you can not do.  Don't look at it as if I can not do then no one else can or I can not run my business.  Do your research and you will find ways that are very inexpensive or FREE to assist you with some of those tasks.  The other thing is invest in yourself.  If you invest in yourself you will be able to find out about other tools that you can use.

So your assignment today is to ask yourself "What are my weaknesses?"
Be sure to follow up with yourself.

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