Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bill for Skills

What will you bill for our skills?
Are your skills worth paying for?
Why are your services priced so high and your Client have to wait for their projects?


Your skills for the business you have can not cover everything that needs to be done to keep your doors open.  Look at what you have an decide what can be and need to be outsourced.

Having a Virtual Assistant can help with those task that need to be done.  If you have a VA and they can not perform those skills you can still utilize your VA.  Your VA can look for the person you need while you are still taking care of your Clients.  You do not have to waste your time with searching for every department you need.  Your assistant can help with those tasks.  All you have to do is take about an hour to look over the research and sign off.  This is a lot less time than spending hours and I mean hours looking for people to fill your positions.  Keep in mind all of these positions can be outsourced and not an employee to so you can continue to save money.

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