Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 How I'm Organized

Why start the year being unorganized?  Start 2012 with a Virtual Office.  You can scanned all of your documents and create electronic folders.  Just like you label a folder you can make a label for your electronic file.  Hey why not, if you need to make sub-folders do it.  If you have to have hard copies get color folders to help you organize and possibly find what you need quicker.
What about those appointments?  Everyone has a cell phone.  Use your phone for appointments and set up reminders.  Your phone is always with you.  The samething goes with your tablet or iPad.  Technology is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  Use It!!!!  If you are not sure how to use it to it’s full potential ask for help.  This can help keep you on task, remind you about appointments, and you will be prepared.  If you have to reschedule your appointment you can do it before the day of the meeting and not an hour before.
Hint:  Open an account with Dropbox to store all of your files.  The first 2GB is free.  If you need additional space packages are available. (www.dropbox.com).

You can also see this article in Beautifully Said Magazine (MoneyTalk Section - 2nd article).  click on the link.  http://beautifullysmagazine.com/2012/02/moneytalk-7/