Monday, November 28, 2011

Do I Have A Back Office?

A lot of businesses think that they can do it all by themselves.  Some have told me that they do not have a "back office". 

(definition: back office - any department or office, as a private office or a department of record keeping, that is not usually seen by outsiders).

Based in the definition everyone that has a business has a back office.  Any/All tasks that has to be done to keep in touch with your Clients, make appointments, follow-up with Clients & potential Clients.  Keep in mind what ever you do, don't forget about those small things that is a part of your business and being a success.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep It Simple

Not sure how you should organize your desk, files, and/or office.  Remember to "KEEP IT SIMPLE".  It is not necessary to have a lot of folders or files to run your business.  You can keep your files organized on your computer.  You do not need to print everything.

Utilize your technology!!!

Just because you are meeting with a Client (depends on the meeting) use your Tablet/iPad.  You can send your files electronically via Bluetooth or Wireless to your device.  If you have the right app on your phone you can do the same.

Having a lot of folders with labels stacked on your desk does not mean this makes you more organized.  It leaves a pile of files.


Keep most of your files/documents electronic and print only when necessary.  You can show a picture or document on your device.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ask For Help!!!!!

Just can't understand why you can not get organized.  Why you can not make time to get it all done in a day?

Understand that you are 1 person and asking for help is ok.  Invite friends, business partner, and/or family over for pizza or just to hang out.  In the midst of hanging out everyone can pitch in to help you get organized.  By doing this you can get organized and be able to dedicate more time to your Clients.  As we all know having more Clients means a successful business.

If you have any questions or want tips on getting organized send an email to