Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Events & Beyond: The Remixed Flower

Flowers make beautiful presentations at weddings, anniversary parties, cocktail soirees, fashion shows and a host of other events. While these fresh flower centerpieces are a joy to see, they are often an expense that can range anywhere from 3k-40k+. So what happens to flowers after the event? Often times they are simply thrown away, not the best economic use for these gorgeous arrangements. With this being said, we decided to give you a few helpful tips to giving your flowers an extra mile:
*     Offer flowers to host of event, for a beautiful memory. Often host will gladly take flowers but usually forgets to take them. Go the extra mile as a planner have flowers packed and ready for host as they leave event
*     Share centerpieces not take by event host with members of your event team who have worked extra hard on the event, they will greatly appreciate them.
*     If event host are having a smaller post event, take flowers and make small pretty table-scapes to add an extra level of panache to the post event. This will give the post event the same style and polish as the main event without the extra cost to the host.
*     Take extra flowers to your event office or studio for an added touch to your normal d├ęcor.
Remember flowers take a great event to an extraordinary event and can be used in multiple ways. Please purchase fresh~ Assistants & Beyond