Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fatal Wreck

Don't have a fatal wreck with your business.  As you are driving down the street you look down for 5 minutes while still driving the car.  you look up and there is the concrete wall.  It was a curve coming up and you was not prepared.

Be sure that you are paying attention to your Clients and their needs.  Don't get too comfortable holding the wheel and not pay attention.  It could be a fatality.  

Pay attention to your Clients and Potential Clients.  This will keep you on the road and be able to follow any curves that pops up.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Balancing Fast Lane

How are you balancing your Fast Lane?

As Business Owners we tend to try to do every thing on our own.  You say "I can not afford a staff.  I need to be sure I take care of my Clients.  Let me hurry up feed the kids and husband so I can check emails."

Here comes that company in the fast lane doing everything on their own.  They hit a pot hole and now a flat tire.  They turn in the pit.  No one there.  They get out jack up the car and change the tire all on their own.  While they are doing all of this here comes the competition and visits 2 Clients you had in mind.  Ooops!!

As time pass we will or need to learn that we can not do it all on our own.  Outsourcing is waiting in the "Pit" for you.  It's time to pull in to get some help so you can get back on the track.  Hang in the race and go around everyone else that is doing every thing on their own and can not keep up with you.  Pass your competition by outsourcing various tasks.