Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Putting A Few Stylish Steps In Your Home Office:

Organizing your filing system doesn’t have been to be boring or design less. You can keep your filing system and organizing tools fun and stylish with these various styling tips.  
  • Look for artist designed journals and planners to give you that extra oomph!
  • Check out  the latest innovative yet functional tools such as staplers, paper clips,supply boxes,  etc…. to give you a sleek polished look.

  • Invest in great printer that scans faxes and copies but blends in with your other office equipment. Remember bigger doesn’t mean better so try and get a reasonable sized printer that saves space
  • Search your office for an older piece of furniture such as desk or chair that you can up-cycle or recycle with paint and a few touch ups.  You just made a new piece of furniture & you’ve done your part in being eco-friendly.

·       Check out these fabulous sites for great products and cool idea:

 1.   1.  http://www.paper-source.com
 2.  http://www.thecreativeoffice.com  
 3.  http://www.quincyshop.com