Saturday, January 29, 2011


We all have power to do what we want to do.  If you can not figure it out "Make Stuff Up (M.S.U.)".  One person said that they was not sure what they needed to do after retirement or could do and Network Queen Louise said to make it up (M.S.U.).  It is so true that a lot of successful women created their business because no one else did it.  If someone else did the same business they decided to do it better.  Again make it up.

FEAR.........HHHMMMMM!!  This all makes us scared to make the step.  Sometimes we step with the left, but have trouble bringing the right with it.  Now we are stuck or we turn around and go the other way.  Take the "FEAR" you have and run with it.  Let this be your motivation to keep going and don't stop.

There was so many things that was shared at this event and the atmosphere was WOW!  This has given me more motivation to keep doing what I am doing and to also help others along the way.

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