Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 5 Key Steps to an Efficient and Organized Office: For the Successful Solopreneurs

As many of you know running a successful small business as a soloprenuer that the task of staying organized can sometimes become overwhelming, yet being organized is a vital part of the overall success of your business. Well don’t worry, Assistants & Beyond has researched this topic thoroughly and listed 5 steps that will keep you organized, efficient and productive. 
Happy Organizing ~Assistants & Beyond Virtual Assistants and Event Planning

Step #1 Create an Easy Maintenance Filing System:Invest in a two or three draw filing cabinet and set up tabbed file folders separating one draw for clients and one draw for the business. Once you have set up your physical filing cabinet, set up folders on your pc in a similar system with client and business folders with sub folders as needed.
Step #2 Winning the Paper Fight:Winning the battle of a million loss papers is pretty easy. Sort through the paper and make the firm decision to either keep and file it or toss and shred it, it’s that simple. The determining factor in whether or not you should keep or toss it is the action that the paper requires. If the action is 100% completed after review of the paper, complete action and then toss and if action required will take several steps, complete first action of paper then file it.
Step #3 Use a 2-Tray Letter Storage Compartment for Your Desk: Purchase a desk-size  two part letter storage system that allows you to place current and active letters in the  first storage compartment and then store magazines, books, flyers, etc… in second storage compartment. Anything that is not of the current week should be appropriately filed in your filing cabinet
Step #4 Stay on Top of Your ‘To Do’ List:Create a daily task list each night before your next work day via a “To Do” list notebook or your pc. Keep this list in an easy to find place on your desk and make sure to check off each task as completed, incomplete or in progress. Task list of 10 or less items usually have a higher rate of success and are more realistic to complete.
Step #5 Create a Schedule for Reoccurring Task:Schedule regular task jobs in your appointment book and calendars (both written & online) such as newsletters, weeklyblog/social media post, events calendar etc…. Make sure that you schedule appropriate time for these tasks; ex: 2 hours for your newsletter. When you schedule these task and stick to the time-line, it improves your overall time efficiency.

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